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Swiss Group of Private Boarding Schools

Charter of Private Boarding schools in Switzerland:
Guaranteed Quality

The member schools of The Swiss Federation Suisse of Private Schools (FSEP) found that they have many experiences to share and common interests to defend.

In May 1991 the Swiss group of Private Boarding schools was founded with this objective in mind.

All Boarding School members of the Group offer and guarantee the following advantages:

  • A stable environment in the Boarding school provided by skilled and committed personnel.

  • The Directors of the Boarding schools will be experienced in the field of education.

  • An all- round Education, designed to give the student the optimal opportunity to develop his / her personality.

  • The opportunity for the students to cultivate their sense of responsibilities, their ability to make decisions, to make choices, and to discover their own sense of value.

  • Pedagogical guidance which encourages discipline and good conduct.

  • A happy atmosphere in which the student feels supported.

  • The possibility of learning to live in a community, to communicate, to build friendship, and respect the beliefs and traditions of other cultures.

  • A wide range of interests and enthusiasm for the host region in order to facilitate the adaptation, and the flexibility, which will inevitably be required in their future social and professional lives.

  • A wide choice of extra-curricular activities, artistic and sportive.
  • The boarding staff and directors confidentiality agreement includes all situations concerning both students and their parents

In complying with all these conditions, the members of the Swiss Group of Private schools guarantee a quality that has proven its worth and its International reputation.