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In Switzerland there is a
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Among the many advantages which the diversity of Switzerland offers are its Schools which have always played an important role. A multi cultural Education has always been a necessity in multi -lingual Switzerland. The development of International relations, mobility in this Globalized world and the increasing number of immigrants in Switzerland has strongly increased the need for an education that looks beyond our linguistic frontiers.

In this context the private schools of Switzerland make an important contribution. The good reputation of Swiss education is the result of a long history of Pedagogic experience and its role in a cosmopolitan country; we can also refer to the proverbial “Swiss “Quality “as it is present in our Education system. 

Swiss boarding schools have a proven tradition of excellence providing high quality, innovative and global education.

The Choice of Boarding School
for a global Education.

Choosing a boarding school for a child may be influenced by geographic setting, family, the professional travel demands of the parents, or simply the need to provide the child with a safe environment where they receive personal attention which guarantees their Academic success.

Boarding schools provide an atmosphere conducive to serious study, the group dynamics motivate the students to study and learn, motivates them to learn more through diverse activities both sportive and cultural. The experience of Boarding school life, living and learning together brings further benefits to the student as they learn social values such as respect, tolerance, the ability to integrate and sensitivity to the needs of others.

Boarding school life also teaches the child how to take the initiative, be responsible, be independent and adaptable. To offer your child a boarding school experience today is to offer them a privilege and a guarantee of a global education for the future.

The Fédération Suisse des Ecoles Privées (FSEP) provides a School service which will help you make the best choice of school and Education for your child, or simply answer any questions you may have.


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Alexandre Rauzy